Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cheder 4th Grade Boys Make Siyum

As the school year comes to an end, the 4th grade boys, under the leadership of Rabbi Moshe Wiener, have completed learning mishanyis מסכת יומא as well as reviewing the entire מסכת once.

The class also completed learning parshas בא .

Rabbi Lesches came to speak to the boys during their סיום about יומא and the importance of learning תורה. It was beautiful to see all the boys listening attentively to his inspiring words.

Rabbi Shusterman spoke to the boys about משניות in general. Every boy got his certificate for learning the entire יומא מסכת משניות.

The boys enjoyed their pizza, danishes, and soda during the סיום. May they all continue to learn many more מסכת of משניות.

Monsey Welcomes the Ivy League Torah Study Experience

It has become an annual Monsey Chabad community tradition for local families to open up their homes and host the students of the Ivy League Torah Study Experience, a study program in upstate New York for college students with little or no Jewish educational background, for a shabbos each summer.

This past shabbos, parshas Pinchas, the Monsey Chabad community hosted the 12 girls in the women's division and this coming shabbos, parshas Matos-Masei, the 18 students in the men's divison will be coming to spend shabbos in Monsey as well.

Thanks to Mrs. Chaya Kaplan who tirelessly organizes these inspiring shabbatons!

Kind L'chaim

Yaakov and Shulamis Kind will be making a L'chaim, in honor of their son Chaim's engagemen to Sara Shor of Crown Heights/Las Vegas, this Sunday, July 19 (27 Tammuz) at 7:00 PM at the Kind home, 9 Beckett Court in South Monsey.

Reserve Your Pasuk or Letters for the New Community Sefer Torah

All those who purchased or will purchase a Parsha or Pasuk in the new community Sefer Torah will receive two non-transferable seats for the celebratory dinner that will take place on the evening of Sunday, September 6, as well as a certificate with their personalized dedication.

All those who purchase a Letter will receive a certificate with their personalized dedication.

Hakamas HaMatzeivah

There will be Hakamas HaMatzeivah (unveiling) for Rabbi Ben-Tzion Saloff's mother tomorrow, Friday morning (chof hey Tammuz) at 8:00 AM in the Sons of Israel section of the cemetary on the corner of Brick Church Road.

Syria and Iran

Tehillim This Morning

Please say Tehillim for Eliezer Yaakov ben Rochel, a family member of someone in our community, who is undergoing surgery this morning, Thursday.