Monday, June 22, 2009

Cheder Chabad Boys Annual Father and Son Luncheon

This past Sunday the Cheder Boy’s School held its annual Father and Son Luncheon. This event is a double celebration:

1. the culmination of a very successful year of the Motzei Shabbos Father and Son Learning Program
2. A year end celebration for the Cheder.

The program began with fathers (and Zaidies) learning with their children a sicha of the Rebbe concerning the greatness and holiness of the day of the הסתלקות of a צדיקfollowed by watching the Rebbe say that sicha on the Living Torah Video and then a pizza lunch.

At the end of lunch all children received an Award Certificate for the areas that they excelled in.

The program concluded with ice cream dessert and bentching.

Thanks to all those who participated and made this program such a success.

Cheder Chabad Baal Peh Program

The Torah learning of young children is very dear to the Aibershter. Become a partner in this great mitzva and sponser The Cheder Chabad B'al Peh program in the merit of someone dear to you.

The Cheder Chabad boys clocked in many extra hours of learning b'al peh with an enthusiasm and chayos thanks to Rabbi Wolowik and the Rebbeim who organized the program.

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