Thursday, April 30, 2009

CJL-Hillel at RCC Update

The Center for Jewish Life/Hillel at SUNY Rockland, under the leadership of Rabbi Dov and Shevy Oliver, recently organized Jewish Heritage Month featuring a series of events from Purim until Pesach. More than 1,200 people in total attended the events which included:

• Sending Shalach Manos to Soldiers
• Purim at the Pool Hall
• "Go Green" Purim Party on Campus
• Interactive Drum Circle
• Lecture, "The Jews of Shanghai: A Survival Story"
• Movie, "Blessed is the Match: The Story of Hanna Senesh," followed by a talk with a Holocaust survivor
• Jewish genetic disease testing
• "Cool Jew Night," parent/student event with author Lisa Alcaly Klug
• Movie, "The Case for Israel"
• Kosher Culinary Workshop with cookbook author Jamie Geller
• Mivtzah Pesach (distribution of shmurah matzah)

Mazel Tov Borensteins!

Mazel tov to Rabbi Yacov and Hindy Borenstein of Poughkeepsie on the birth of a grandson born to Shmuel Sholom and Faige Rivka Serebryanski!

The Bris will I"YH take place this Sunday at K'hal Bais Levi Yitzchok, 556 Crown Street (entrance on Albany Avenue) in Crown Heights. Shacharis will be at 10:00 AM followed by the Bris at 11:00 AM.

Important Town Meeting This Tuesday

The Town of Ramapo Planning Board will hold a public hearing regarding the building application of Yeshivas Menachem Mendel Lubavitch of Monsey this Tuesday night, May 5th, at about 8:00 PM at Town Hall, 237 Route 59 in Suffern (across from WalMart).

The Town has advised the school to be sure that there is a large showing of Chabad community support to counter any opposition to the project.

As such, please show your support for the building of the Yeshiva and make every effort to attend this hearing (adults only).

Shabbos Afternoon Shiurim for Women

This Shabbos Parshas Acharei-Kedoshim, Zipora Reitman will be hosting her annual New Hempstead neighborhood shiur for women, which will be given by Rabbi Yossi Krasnjanski.

The shiur will take place from 5:00 to 6:00 PM on Shabbos afternoon at her home, 72 Southgate Drive. All are welcome. Refreshments will be served.

Please note that this shiur is in addition to and does not replace the Pirkei Avos shiur for women by Rabbi Lesches at the Abramowitz home, 6 Zabriskie Terrace, at 5:30 PM on Shabbos afternoon.

Mrs. Adina Steinmetz Sitting Shiva in Monsey Tomorrow Only

Boruch Dayan HaEmes – We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of the father of Mrs. Adina Steinmetz last week.

Mrs. Steinmetz will be returning from Belgium tonight and will be sitting Shiva in Monsey only for the last day of Shiva, tomorrow, Friday, May 1, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at her home, 35 Park Avenue in South Monsey.

The phone number at the house is 845-352-6477.

Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim.

Rabbi Gancz Motivates Crown Heights Men to Take Tznius Seriously

Well over 100 men gathered at Crown Heights’ Kollel Menachem at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday evening for a special special lecture/shiur on tznius. The lecture was delivered by Rabbi Aharon Dovid Gancz, a veteran mechanech and shliach.

The primary thrust of Rabbi Gancz’s speech was that the Crown Heights community in general, and men in particular, need to take their own frumkeit and eidelkeit much more seriously, creating a ripple effect that will positively influence their homes, children, neighbors and community.

Using the example of a neighbor accidentally walking into one’s home unaware that her sheitel has fallen off, Rabbi Gancz said that Crown Heightsers must find the words within to say something “in a nice way” when encountering objectionable dress, just as one would know what to say to the neighbor with the absent sheitel.

The rabbi drew a round of applause when, towards the end of the talk, he pointed out the standing-room-only crowd. “People were saying, ‘Come on, rabbi—no one cares, no one’s going to listen and no one’s going to do anything—this event attests that people do care!”

The event was organized by Yagdil Torah, a leading Crown Heights Torah-study organization