Friday, March 27, 2009

Cheder Chabad Science Fair

By Mrs. Chaya Webb
I was asked by Mrs Shusterman to be one of several people from the community to be a judge for the Cheder Chabad student science fair. One can only imagine my enthusiasm at the prospect of doing this Thursday night less than two weeks before Pesach, but in retroscpect that is just what I feel.

All the girls were delightful and the projects were amazing. All the students were standing proudly by their displays. Only grades 5,6, and 8 were judged by us.

The girls I spoke to were excited and fluent as each described what she was demonstrating and what had been learned from the experience. Many worked in pairs, and it was obvious that they were really partners in the project. Each expressed hakaras hatov for the encouragement received from Mr Bloch, their teacher, as well as to others who had helped.

From sight influencing taste, isolating iron in cereal, to how ice melts and much much more, it was wonderful to experience the excitement the students and their projects generated in the room. All the judges agreed that this was a very impressive evening.

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