Thursday, March 5, 2009

Students from the Center for Jewish Life at RCC prepare Mishloach Manos for Jewish servicemen and women stationed in Iraq and Kuwait. The students also wrote personal letters to the soldiers.

K'hal Beis Menachem Sheva Brachos for Avreml and Chava Kagan

Bais Chana in the Berkshires Featuring Bracha Meshchaninov

The upcoming session in the Berkshire Mountains, is for women of all ages and backgrounds. We’re fond of saying the only prerequisites are an adventurous mind and an adventurous spirit because we know how much you’ll appreciate the intellectual and spiritual depth we offer through classes, workshops, prayer and camaraderie. Want to take a break and go canoeing? Enjoy a game of tennis? Have a massage? You can do that too. Like every other session we run, the atmosphere is open and nonjudgmental, and you’ll be sharing the experience with women – like yourself – who have set aside time to study and experience the finer things in life. For more information please click here.

Updated Purim Schedule

Please note some changes to the K'hal Tzemach Tzedek Purim schedule:

1. There will be an additional Megilla laining at 9:45 PM on Monday night.

2. There will be a Megilla laining for children downstairs (those over Bar/Bas Mitzvah should hear Megilla upstairs) at 7:35 PM which will immediately be followed by a Magic Show which will end at approximately the same time as the upstairs Megilla laining. Food will not be served.

Two Shalom Zachors This Week!

Eli and Chani Cohen will be making a Shalom Zachor tomorrow night at their home, 31 Fessler Drive.

Zacharia and Miriam Klein will be making a Shalom Zachor tomorrow night at their home, 27 Carlton Road.

Our Fellow Sailors