Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rav Ezriel Tauber Speaking This Motzai Shabbos

Rav Ezriel Tauber will be speaking this Motzai Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Tetzaveh (March 7th) at 8:30 PM promptly at Cong. Tiferes Yosef Meir, 11 Langeries Drive. All are invited to attend and the ezras noshim will be open.

L’iyluy Nishmas Yehudis Bas Elchonon

Seeking Ride

I am looking for a ride for an 11 year old from Crown Heights to Monsey before Shabbos and back to Crown Heights on Sunday late afternoon or early Monday morning. If you or someone you know has room please call Yocheved Rappoport at 845-406-4770.