Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seeking Ride

If you or someone you know is going from Monsey to Crown Heights this Motzai Shabbos and has room for a teenage girl please contact or 845-352-6563. Thank you.

A Grave Situation

Additional graves have been made available adjacent to the current Monsey Lubavitch Burial area in the Old Montefiore Cemetary which is in the vicinity of the Ohel. As in the past, plots will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in purchasing burial plots, please contact Yisroel Schulman at

Never Too Young to Shine

Monsey Shidduch Group Meeting

Attention all women who know singles! On Sunday, February 8, at 8:15 PM, there will be another Monsey Shidduch Group meeting. The purpose is to provide a forum to present profiles of singles wishing to marry. ALL PROFILES ARE ANONYMOUS!! Everyone is welcome...sisters, friends, neighbors - not only mothers.

For more information, please call Rochel Sabol at 845-354-4321.

The following is a sample profile:
AR, age 24, 5’-6”, male from Monsey family. FFB of BT parents, is learning to become a CPA. Has a beautiful voice and is the chazzan in a shteibel every Shabbos. Full beard, handsome, attended Rabbinical College of Canada. Wants a mate who appreciates Torah and higher education. The reference number is 555-5555.

Mazel Tov Sabols - Shalom Zachor!

Mazel tov to Levi and Chaye Sabol on the birth of a baby boy! Mazel tov to the grandparents Gershon and Rochel Sabol!

The Shalom Zachor will take place tomorrow night at the Gershon Sabol home, 7 Woodwind Lane.

Shifra and Puah arranges homemade meals from people in the community for mothers of newborn children from our community. If you are able to cook a meal, please contact Karen Schild at 845-354-4898 or