Thursday, January 1, 2009

Help a Community in Southern Israel

Dear Friends,

I received the below letter from the Head Shliach of the poorest city in Israel. If you are capable of helping, checks earmarked for Ofakim may be given to Mordechai Litzman, payable to Tzemach Tzedek and 100% of the funds will be immediately transmitted to Ofakim.


Yisroel Schulman, Esq.
-----Original Message-----
From: Rav Yisroel Hershkowitz
Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2009 9:34 AM
To: Yisroel Schulman
Cc: Chabad Ofakim

To our dear friend, Rav Yisroel Schulman,

Greetings and blessings!

As you have heard, we spend most of the daytime hours in the bomb shelters, because of the missile attacks on Ofakim and the southern region from Gaza.

Chabad Ofakim have been involved in helping many of Ofakim's residents, particularly the needy families. We are in desperate need of 40 heaters for the shelters, and similarly need money so that we can continue to distribute food, candies, and drinks to those families who are in need. Every space heater costs $160, total: 40 x $160=$6,400. For food products we need at least $5,000 immediately.

I am asking if you would please turn to a few of your friends who may be concerned with the current situation in Israel, and see if you can raise $11,400 to cover the cost of the heaters and food items for the needy families.

We are trying to remain strong and to encourage the residents in the name of the Rebbe. Please try to help find ways to help us with this request.

I would be very happy to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.


Rav Yisrael Hershkowitz

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