Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cheder Chabad Father & Son Learning Program

Blog Update

For your convenience a number of features have been added to this website in the recent past:
New links added to the navigation on the right side of the page.

Sign-up form for the email updates. This form can also be used to change your email address or unsubscribe.

Search function to find phone numbers and addresses for Monsey Anash. Thanks to Boruch Akiva Hayman for developing this.

Map of all Chabad community Mosdos. This is especially helpful for people looking to move to Monsey.

If you have any ideas that would enhance this site please email

Taking Tashlich to a New Level

This morning, a motorist lost control of a car on Kearsing Parkway in Monsey and drove it into the lake. No one was trapped in the car.

Leaving Paris