Friday, September 5, 2008

Great News - New Chinuch Shiur for Women!

Rabbi Zalmen Leib Markowitz will begin a lecture series for women on the topic of Helping our Children Succeed at School and Home.

The first class will take place on Sunday night, September 14th, at 8:00 PM at the home of Chanie Cohen, 31 Fessler Drive. $5 suggested donation. All are encouraged to join!

Seeking Secular Studies Teacher

Cheder Chabad Boys is looking for a secular studies assistant teacher for the first grade. Hours are Monday through Thursday from 2:15 to 4:15 PM. If you or someone you know is interested please contact the Cheder at 845-201-0203 or

Welcome Bogomilskys!

Welcome to Zvi and Dinie Bogomilsky on their move to our community (Pomona)!

Sofer Available

As is the minhag to check Mezuzos and Tefillin during the month of Ellul, N'shei Chabad has arranged for Rabbi Nota Kuperman, a sofer from Crown Heights, to be available to check in K'hal Tzemach Tzedek during the times listed below. There is a fee for his service. Rabbi Kuperman will be availble on Sunday, September 7, from 2:00 through 10:00 PM and all day (9:00 AM to 10:00 PM) on the days following. As long as there are items to be checked, Rabbi Kuperman will remain in Monsey. Make sure all items are in Ziploc bags and are properly labeled with your name and telephone number.

N'shei Chabad Bookstore Bar Mitzva Items

English/Hebrew/Yiddish Package - $62
Bar Mitzvah Tutor (CD) - Ma'amar, Trop, Brachos, etc.
Sefer HaHaftaros - Hebrew/English
Yalkut Bar Mitzvah (Ma'amar: Yiddish, Hebrew, English)
Shvach Y'kar - Hilchos Tefillin
Tefillin (English) Booklet

Hebrew/Yiddish Package - $48
Bar Mitzvah Tutor (CD) - Ma'amar, Trop, Brachos, etc.
Sefer HaHaftaros - Hebrew
Yalkut Bar Mitzvah (Ma'amar: Yiddish, Hebrew)
Shvach Y'kar - Hilchos Tefillin

Wool Talis Koton for Bar Mitzva bochurim also available. All of the above are also available individually. The N'shei Chabad Bookstore, at 6 Zabriskie Terrace is open evenings after ma'ariv, Friday afternoons and Sunday. Call Mrs. Abramowitz at 845-558-8249.