Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Seeking Hebrew School Teacher

Valley Chabad in Woodcliff Lake, NJ (10 minutes from Monsey) is looking for a Hebrew School teacher for their 5 and 6 year old class. The school runs from September 7 until May 17 on Sundays from 9.30 AM to 12 Noon. Please contact Hindy Drizin at hindy@valleychabad.org.

Message From Cheder Chabad Girls Principal

Parents - please read the following letter to your daughter(s):

Dear student שתחי,

I hope you had a restful and enjoyable summer and are looking forward to a fresh new year at our school.

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mrs. Rosenbluh and I will be your new principal. I’m excited about having a very enjoyable and productive year together.

I would like to let you know about your first day of school which will be אי"ה on Wednesday, ג' אלול.

Please be sure to be at school on time - exactly 9:00 AM.

When you get to school, your first stop will be the lunchroom for breakfast and the Promotion Assembly where you will be promoted to your new grade and you will meet your new teacher.

While you are waiting, you can talk quietly with your friends, but as soon as you notice that I am ready to begin the assembly, please direct your attention to where I am standing, so that you won’t miss the important announcements.

I will then greet you with a brief introduction, tell you about a few important rules of the school, and then you will be dismissed to your classrooms.

Please be sure to come prepared with all necessary seforim and supplies and a nice smile to go along with them.

I look forward to greeting you on the first day of school!

Mrs. Rosenbluh

Message From Cheder Chabad

TO: Parents of Cheder Chabad Students
FROM: Rabbi Yisroel Shusterman, Executive Director
DATE: September 2, 2008

As a reminder, school for Cheder Chabad Girls begins on Wednesday, September 3rd.

Cheder Chabad Boys begins on Thursday, September 4th.

Please note that the Cheder will only be able to admit children whose parents have completed the registration process. To complete the registration process you must: 1) finalize and sign your Cheder tuition contract; and 2) submit to the Cheder the required head checks and/or credit card information.

Possession of an admittance card without completion of the above does not necessarily imply completion of the registration process.

If you have not already completed the registration process or you have any questions concerning the above, please contact the Cheder as soon as possible at 845-356-1213.

Please do not place us in the uncomfortable situation of sending your children home on the first day of school for your failure to complete registration.

Thank you for your cooperation.