Thursday, July 31, 2008

N'Shei Chabad 9 Days Event

Documentary on Yeshivas Menachem Mendel Lubavitch of Monsey

Tzemach Tzedek Women's Kiddush-Farbrengen

The Women's Kiddush at Tzemach Tzedek will be held upstairs (with food) in the weekday beis medrash room, directly after davening, under the ongoing guidance of Rabbi Markowitz. Food will also be available downstairs for women who prefer to remain there.

This week, Parshas Masei, the guest speaker at the Kiddush will be Rabbi Yeruchem Cohen, who recently returned from Eretz Yisrael where he earned Semicha!

Women are also encouraged to share stories and words of inspiration at the kiddush.

Note: Volunteers are needed to help set up the women's kiddush immediately after davening. Also, women are asked not to congregate in the men's lobby while the kiddush is being set up. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mazel Tov Cohens!

Mazel tov to Rabbi Yeruchem Cohen on receiving semicha!

Levaya Today

Boruch Dayan HaEmes
We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of the mother of Rabbi Ben-Tzion Saloff.

The levaya will be held today, Thursday, at 5:00 PM at the Sons of Israel cemetery on Brick Church Road.

Shiva will take place at the Saloff home, 36 Park Avenue in South Monsey.

Shacharis: 7:00 AM
Mincha: 8:00 PM
Maariv: 8:45 PM

Hamokom Yenachem eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim.