Friday, July 18, 2008

Boruch Dayan HaEmes - Dr. Yaakov Hayes A"H

We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of Dr. Yaakov (Jacob) Hayes A”H, a long time resident of Monsey.

The Levaya will take place this Sunday, July 20, at 1:15 PM at Rabbi Waxman’s shul on Harvest Court (near Mesivta Beis Shraga).

Shiva will be at the Hayes home, 12 Besen Parkway in South Monsey.

Shachris is at 7:30 AM and Mincha is at 8:00 PM and Maariv is at 9:15 PM. If you are able to please help make the minyanim.

The Niftar is survived by Yibadlu Lechaim Tovim, his wife Baila Hayes and his children: Mrs. Raitzel Wenger (Montreal), Rabbi Dovid Hayes (Ottawa) Mr. Yosef Hayes (Monsey / California), Mrs. Yehudis Baitz (Crown Heights), Mr. Avrohom (Avi) Hayes (Flatbush) and Mr. Mendy (Mark) Hayes (Florida).

Hamokom Yenachem eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim.


This Monday evening, July 21, there will be a conference call at which time profiles of singles that are looking for shidduchim are presented. The call is monitored by representatives from all over the USA and Canada. If you would like provide a profile of a single person that you know please contact Rachel Sabol at or 845-354-4321 before this Sunday night. No names are used.

Also, if anyone is interested in starting a shidduch group, based on the guidelines of the very successful Chicago group, please let me know. This would involve one evening a month to meet and give tzedaka, learn and brainstorm. Please call me for more information.

Yeshivas Menachem Mendel Lubavitch Files Building Plans

This past Wednesday, Yud Gimmel Tammuz, Yeshivas Menachem Mendel Lubavitch of Monsey filed its plans with the Town of Ramapo to build a new building on its Remsen Avenue property. The plans are for a 31,000 square foot Yeshiva, Dormitory, Shul and Mikvah. The plans were designed by architect David Mayerfeld together with local engineer Steve Sparacco.

Cheder Chabad Update - New Girls Principal

In follow up of our memorandum of the 16th of Sivan, we are pleased to announce that Mrs. Chaya Rosenbluh of Monsey has been chosen to be the new Menaheles of Cheder Chabad Girls School.

Mrs. Rosenbluh is a highly acclaimed teacher and program director who has over 15 years of experience teaching in the finest schools, both in the United States and abroad. Her experience includes teaching at Bais Yaakov of Boro Park, Lubavitch Girls School in London, Beis Rivkah in Crown Heights, and last year, as our 7th grade teacher and program director in Cheder Chabad.

She has a Bachelors degree in Education and has completed the necessary tests for New York State Certification.

Mrs. Rosenbluh, a mother of 5 Cheder children, has the experience and know-how to lead a worthy institution such as Cheder Chabad Girls, and will B’ezras Hashem give us the well-established Chabad leadership we need. A daughter of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Hertz of London, England, Mrs. Rosenbluh has long been a sought-after teacher, and we are lucky and privileged to have her on our team.