Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Tribute to the Rebbe

Close to 200 people joined together last night at the new JCC campus for A Tribute to the Rebbe organized by the Shluchim of Rockland County.
Rabbi Avremel Kotlarsky, Regional Director of Chabad of Rockland, began the program with warm opening remarks and acknowledged the distinguished dignitaries that were present. Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Ehrenreich, director of the Chabad JEC of Chestnut Ridge, read Perek 20 of Tehilim for the Z’chus of protection of our brethren in Eretz Yisroel. Rabbi Shmuel Zanvel Gancz, director of the Chabad Jewish Center of Suffern, read the letter that Congressman Elliot Engel sent in honor of the event. Rabbi Yisroel Goldberg, director of Community Outreach at Chabad of Rockland, read the proclamation that Assemblyman Ken Zebrowsky sent on of behalf of the New York State Senate in honor of the Rebbe. A short biographical film on the Rebbe’s life was shown as well as the film Challenge to which the audience reacted to tremendously.

The highlight of the evening was the inspiring talk that was delivered by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, of Chabad of Thornhill, Ontario. Rabbi Kaplan, was able to relate the Rebbe’s way of dealing with the global challenges of today.

Everyone was treated to a delicious buffet dessert. To conclude the evening, Rabbi Naftali Marrus, sang Sheyibone, the song with which the Rebbe would often times conclude his farbrengens.

Kol hakovod to Rabbis Kotlarsky, Goldberg, Ehrenreich and Gancz for a tremendous Kiddush Hashem!

Pictures by Mayer Perline

Cheder Chabad Shacharis Minyan

Cheder Chabad is pleased to announce that we are starting a daily shachris minyan in the upcoming school year at our new location, 4 Widman Court. The minyan will take place Monday through Friday at 7:40 AM (Hodu at 7:50) and on Sunday at 8:10 AM (Hodu 8:20).

Since our school only goes up to 7th grade, we need assistance from the community to make up our minyan. Please contact us at 845-201-0203 or if you are able to join this minyan.