Monday, March 17, 2008

Five Steps to a More Joyous Marriage

By Dr. Yisroel Susskind

Negate anger, validate affection.

A Rebbe and his attendant had journeyed all day through the countryside. The Rebbe instructed his attendant, Reb Chaim, to prepare for their night's rest: "Please set up the tent near that stream, draw some water, lay out my bed clothes and the bedding, and prepare a light meal."

During the middle of the night, the Rebbe suddenly woke Reb Chaim and said, "Reb Chaim, look above you at the magnificent stars in the heaven, and tell me what do you conclude."

Reb Chaim answered, "We mortals are so insignificant in the face of G‑d's creations."

"No", responded the Rebbe, "You have missed my point. While we were sleeping, someone stole our tent."

Marriage has been compared to a tent. The Talmud (Yevamos 62B) teaches us that a man must be married if he is to have four essential components in his life: a real home; an inspiring protective moral influence; ultimate joy; and wisdom.

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Last Chance for Cheder Chabad Mishloach Manos

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Mazel Tov Hershey Spaeth!

Mazel tov to Hershey Spaeth on his engagement to Chavi Hess of Monsey! Mazel tov to Hershey’s parents, Eliezer and Sofia Spaeth and Devorah and Tom O’Brien!