Wednesday, March 12, 2008

K'hal Tzemach Tzedek Purim Schedule

Thursday, March 20th, Adar 13 - Taanis Esther:
Alos Hashachar: 5:37 AM
Shacharis: 6:45 AM (includes selichos)
Mincha (Machatzis HaShekel): 6:30 PM (includes leining)
Maariv followed by Megilla: 7:45 PM

There will be a special Megilla reading for children downstairs at the same time.

Delicious hot food and a magic show for children will immediately follow both Megilla readings.

To be a sponsor for this event, please contact Nechemia Kaplan at 845-664-5744 or

The following families are thus far sponsoring this event:
Yeruchem Cohen, Avrohom Hayman, Chona Larkin, Chesky Litzman, Shloime Litzman, Yehuda Schild, Itche Noach Zeiler and Eli Zisman.

Friday, March 21st, Adar 14 - Purim:
Shacharis: 8:00 AM
Megilla: approximately 8:30 AM
Megilla for Women: 10:15 AM
Licht Benching and Mincha: 6:52 PM
Chassidus Shiur followed by Maariv

Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Tzav:
Chassidus Shiur: 8:45 AM
Shacharis: 9:30 AM
Halacha Shiur: 6:00 PM
Mincha: 6:45 PM
Shalosh Seudos and Maariv
Shabbos Ends: 7:55 PM


Puppet Show to Benefit Cheder Chabad